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Department of Telecommunication Order for releasing 13 Digit Mobile Number


As you know Department of Telecommunication of India in order to telecom companies starting 13 digits (M2M) mobile number in stating of July.

All (M2M) customer are usage available 13 Digits mobile number customer in October.

Telecommunication department reticle for staring (M2M) 13 Digits Mobile Number as 1 of July to October 19. As the M2M user is especially as used in release 13 digits No. on 1 July. The deadline for competing is 31 December of 2018. They have no impact on regular users.

The DoT has only asked the existing 10-digit M2M numbers to 13-digit numbers from October 1. To end this speculation,  Machine-to-Machine (M2M) number is meant for machines, the ones connected to the internet. M2M or SIM-based IOT devices will be impacted by this.

What is M2M service?
M2M service is Machin-to-Machin is an interaction between device and Machins as like (Aeroplane, Ships, Connected car) they are connected to each and internet. Which means as M2M is Machin are connected a specific device and internet for communication to each other.

The M2M SIM card is required to connect these devices to the internet, though these can be used on regular mobiles as well. 

As can't affect and needed a 13 Digits Mobile numbers of local consumers is be regular with they 10-Digits Numbers so can't be shocked for this news.

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