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Oppo Patents Foldable Phone With Flexible Display

Foldable phone from Oppo will get you excited.

By Gizmochina

Last year ZTE announced first foldable smartphone is Axon M, Although is foldable Technically use dual display wich that foldable Axon M, Wich both connected via the hinge. A new leak the Oppo Patent new foldable phone with a flexible display. 
Oppo Patents Foldable Phone With Flexible Display

The patent shows sketches of the phone which use single flexible display. The back of the device where the fold occurs has a different texture from the rest of the body. On one side vertical dual camera setup on opposite cut-out with the same shape camera housing, camera fit in cut-out on time display is folded.

The front is where the magic happens. when the phone is stretched out, you get a single large display unlike ZTE Axon M where they are a black bar in the middle that is sure to distract you when using the phone in"Extended Mode".
When folded, the device looks like a phone with a one-sided curved bezels 18:9 FHD+ display.
No other specific information is found about this.

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