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high-tech features in smartphone during in 2018

In 2018 has a great year for a technical lover. have high tech features are launch in 2018. which is technology to we see in this year.

I want to show you top 5 best high-end features has upcoming on this year has.

  • 18:9 Aspect ratio will be common

The use of full view display has started since last year.But this year this walk will be common.This means that till now the Full View display was limited to flagship smartphone.Now, this feature will start coming with a budget smartphone. LG and Micromax had adopted this feature on its smartphone. after this brands such as Honor, xiaomi and vivo have also started adopting it in smartphone under less than 20,000 Rupees.

  • powerful processor

In December 2017, Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 845 processor. This means that the latest processor will be seen in the flagship devices in 2018. Along with this, snapdragon835 will come to some cheap smartphone now. At the moment, Snapdragon 835 processor has not come in any smartphone cheap from Rs. 30,000. But this picture can change after the latest chipset 845 arrived.

  • Artificial intelligence and Advancement 
The big tech company like Apple, Google, and Amazon are focusing on Artificial intelligence. Soon this device can be seen on their devices. Honor has also begun with its smartphone view 10.
  • Foam Recognition
The iPhone has launched this feature from its latest smartphone iPhone X. Users have also got a good response to this feature. However, this feature has not yet fully developed and some flaws have emerged in it. In the coming time, face recognition will become a common feature similar to the fingerprint scanner. Brands like Infinix and Oppo are also planning to bring it to smartphones under less than Rs 20000. Fingerprint scanner feature will end in a manner after the introduction of face recognition.
  • Fast charging 
Fast charging and Type C ports have been seen on many smartphones. But this feature was found mostly in devices worth more than 20000 rupees. However, battery problems for users are one of the biggest problems. So this year there will be a big focus on charging. With this, it will be tried to make this feature also available in cheap smartphones.

Article by:- Tachworld