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Motorola introduces Polaroid Insta-Share Printer mod

Last weekMotorola and Polaroid introduced the new Insta-Share Printer moto mod. The snap-on modification will turn your next-gen Moto Z into a retro camera printer that automatically gives you a physical version of photos you’ve just taken. It costs $199.99 and it comes out this week with limited availability.

The announcement comes just as the Moto lineup starts to fade in the background after the continuous release of new smartphones that follow design trends rather than include functional features. Moto mods have been a long-standing bet for the Lenovo subsidiary, as it continues to struggle to stay relevant.
Following their separation from Google, Lenovo took the reigns over the prized mobility hardware company. Once a bearer of gold banners in terms of design and software, the new lineups by the company fall short of the competition in most aspects.
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