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Amazon now has AR feature added to it's app

Amazon has added an AR component to its app, Called AR View.
When using an Apple ARKit, the feature allows users to place various items in their house virtually before buying them. 
 Consumers now have the freedom to select thousands of products and can place them anywhere in their home.

How it works: 
1.To launch the feature, open the Amazon app on your device, 
2. Tap on the camera icon in the search bar, then select AR View 
3. Once on the AR view, choose a product and place it anywhere in your home. 
The feature is available on iPhone 6S devices and higher running iOS 11. However, It’s not the first furniture-placing tool that’s launched recently, Ikea released one in September that also uses Apple’s ARKit. 
Another company Target, through its mobile site launched its own AR feature


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