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Airtel is offering the iPhone 7 at Rs 7,777 with a 2-year contract

“Airtel’s new plan is offering 30GB of data and unlimited calling per month with the iPhone 7”

The Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were launched recently in India. Soon after the launch Reliance Digital lured potential buyers with a very interesting offer, which allowed iPhone 8 users own the device for just Rs 9,200, but obviously there was a catch involved. Now India’s biggest telecom
operator, Airtel, has launched a new offer on the previous-gen iPhone 7 smartphone. Airtel is offering the iPhone 7 for just Rs 7,777, but with an EMI of Rs 2,499 per month, which also bundles data and voice benefits.Airtel’s new plan lets you own the Apple iPhone 7’s 32GB variant for just Rs 7,777 with the first payment. Post that you will have to pay Rs 2,499 every month for 24 months as per the contract’s plan. The package gives you unlimited calling benefits with an Airtel SIM every month alongside 30GB of data and free handset damage protection for Rs 2,499 per month.

It’s worth mentioning that the iPhone 7 32GB is available for as low as Rs 38,999 on the online retailer Amazon India. For those looking for a better deal without a contract or EMIs, this is a far better deal, since with Airtel’s offer you’ll end up paying Rs 67,753. 

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