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How To Upload Website on Google..

We are starting a blogger for giving information it was crate good But SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it can't bee on a Google Search list we can a long time give but it cant be rank.after we find to How To Upload a website on Google.It has been to work as in go to your site in Google.
Anew blogger and web creator have more complicate to a find his site on Search Engine and Ranking of his site.In this article we give information to Upload his Website on Search Engine.
First we Talk about his post :-
In Google and other Search Engine have upload your site first have a minimum 30 article are necessary for uploading your Site on a Search Engine. Google is largest platform of a Searching in the world.So it is not possible to give your Site in First Rank but your SEO is good so You gat a good rank in google.
Why need to upload your website on Google.Google is a search engine and all people are visit in google in to all country and many Site are Available on google can't know About Your the upload your site and let be google has been find your site.
How to upload Your blog & Website on Google:-

First Copy Your Web address and go on google search and Type & click Feedburner

 in this site you see this Burn a feed right this instant. in down has Search Box are found thous have past your Web Address and click NEXT. now you Enter in Home in top You See Edit Feed Details click It.See In Original Feed; now copy in wich (Feeds/posts/default).
In Next Step go on Google and Search & Click Webmasterstool. In Home page you can see ADD A PROPERTY Click on it. Now on Enter your  Full Web Address.and click.In this page Click in (Sitemapes).after click (ADD/TEST SITEMAP).Enter (Feeds/posts/default).click i't on Test you can not find any Error so Refrash and reclick on ADD/TEST SITEMAP.enter the(Feeds/posts/default) and click on  Submit. so your site all post are upload in it has pending . It may bee take 2 days and more Time your all post are upload on google search and show to finder how is Search.

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