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Ok Google All Commands.

Asking Google about anything
  • “How old is [name]?”
  • “Where was [name] born?’
  • “Who invented [anything you want to find].”
Searching the internet
  • “Browse [nameofwebsite.com],” when you want to go directly to the website.
  • “Go to [name of website],” when you want it to appear in a Google search.
  • “How is [say the name of the team] doing?”
  • “Results from [say the name of the team] last game.”
  • “When is [say the name of the team] next game?”
  • “Did [say the name of the team] win the last game?”
  • “What is [name] stock price?”
  • “What is [name] trending at?”
Defining words
  • “What is the definition of [say the word].”
  • “Define [say the word].”

Messaging, notes, and music

    • “Show me my messages.”
    • “Text [name of contact] [say the message].”
    • “Send an email to [say the contact name] [say what you want to write in the email].”
    • “Call [say the name of the contact].”
    • “Call [say the name of the contact] on speakerphone.
”Other messaging, music, and social apps that work with “OK, Google
    • If you want to send a message with Viber, and not your default text messaging app, then you would say, “OK, Google, send a message with Viber.” You can also try commands such as “take a note with Evernote,” or “search for car videos on YouTube.”
    • These are the apps that are compatible with “OK, Google”:
      • Google Hangouts — “Send a hangouts message to [say name].”
      • Evernote — “Make a note with Evernote.”
      • Whatsapp — “Send a Whatsapp message to [say contact name].”
      • Viber — “Send a message with Viber.”
      • Telegram — “Send a Telegram message to [say contact name].”
      • Youtube — “Search [say what you want to search for] on YouTube.”
      • Pandora — “Play [name of song] on Pandora.”
      • Google Music — “Listen to [name of song].”
      • Facebook — “Post [say your message] on Facebook.”
      • Twitter — “Post [say your message] on Twitter.”
      Other to-do and notes apps that work with “OK, Google”
      These note apps all work by saying “Make a note with [name of app]”
      • Wunderlist
      • Trello
      • OneNote
      • Catch
      • Google Keep


  • “Set an alarm for [say time].”
  • “Set an alarm in [say how many minutes, or hours].”
  • “Set a repeating alarm for [say the label].”
  • “Set a repeating alarm for [say the label] at [say the time].”
  • “Set a repeating alarm at [say the time] for [say the label] every/on [say the days of the week, or say everyday].”
  • “Show me my alarms.”
  • “When is my next alarm?”
  • “Wake me up at [say the time] then [the day, or say ‘everyday’].”


  • “Create/Add/Schedule a meeting.”
  • “Create a calendar event.”
  • “Schedule an event [say the title of the event] then [say the day and time].”
  • “What’s my next appointment?”
  • “Show me the appointments for [say the day].”
  • “What does my [say schedule or calendar] look like on [say the day]?”
  • “Add a reminder.”
  • “Remind me to [say what you want to be reminded of] at [say the time].”
  • “Remind me to [say what you want to be reminded of] when I get to/next time I’m at [say the location].”


  • “What is the square root of [number]?”
  • “What is [number] divided by/multiplied by/plus/minus [number].”
  • “What is [number] percent of [number]?”
  • “What is [number] percent of [number] divided by/multiplied by/plus/minus [number].”


  • “What is [say the number] [say the conversion category: meters, years, yards, liters] in/to [say what you want to convert it to].”
  • “Convert [say the number] [say the currency] into [say the number] [say the currency].”
  • “What is the tip for [say the amount]?”

Maps and travel

  • “Where is [say the name of the location]?”
  • “Walking directions to [say the name of the location].”
  • “Show me the nearest [attractions/coffee shop/restaurant/gas station/bank/mall/etc].”
  • “How far is [say the name of the location] from [say the name of the location]?”
  • “Navigate to [say the name of the location].”
  • “Distance from here to [say the name of the location].”
  • “How far away is [say the name of the location]?”
  • “How do you say [word] in [say the language]?”
  • “What is the flight status of [say the name of the airline] [say the flight number]?”

Controlling your device

  • “Take a picture/photo.”
  • “Record a video.”
  • “Take a selfie.”
  • “Increase/decrease volume.”
  • “Mute the volume.”
  • “Turn [on/off] [Flashlight, WiFi, Bluetooth].”